Anonymous asked:

Have you ever talked about Knuckles' portrayal in Sonic X and whether you liked it or not?

greenyvertekins answered:

Not to my memory…

But anyways, X Knuckles…

I really like this iteration of the character. His gullibility is actually explained in official materials to stem from his steadfast belief that there’s good in everyone, naivety aside. Even when he isn’t acting under trickery, he still fights for what he thinks is for the greater good. This was evidenced in episode 40/41 when he took the concerns of the population into account and attempted to stop Sonic from destroying mirror towers. He was oblivious to Sonic’s intentions and what was truly going on but Knuckles still acted to help people in his belief, the former aside.

Sure Knuckles is awkward. Sure he can be treated like a chew toy by the others on occasion. And sure the others know how to manipulate him by stroking his pride. But the thing is, these things aren’t overly prominent. And Knuckles in X is a goddamn BADASS.

He managed to punch Sonic with such force in episode 5 that he literally went flying.

When he took on Eggman’s robot of the week, they never lasted long.

When he and Sonic worked together, they were one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

And on top of many other instances of Knuckles being indisputably badass, he managed to grab Shadow whilst he was in spinball mode and threw him smack into a wall with such extreme force that not only did Shadow lose his inhibitor rings temporarily, he managed to weaken him to the point of near-collapse.